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Escape rooms are challenging and exciting, but sometimes you won’t know how to navigate the task at hand – helping your team escape against the ticking clock. Here are some ways to help you become the best player (and teammate) you can be.

1. Ask for help. A typical strategy during game play is for teammates to spilt up and work different areas of the room. You’ve tried about 10 times, but you still can’t crack that last clue. Don’t be afraid to ask for help when you’re stuck; your teammates want to pitch in, too! You never know who could have that valuable piece of information or that certain skill which will help you solve the problem and get out in time.

2. Don’t take over the game. You might have found a majority of the clues, but you should give your teammates a chance to actively participate. It isn’t any fun when one player dominates everything, especially someone who might have played in an escape room before. Remember that everyone has an important role to play in the game.

3. Participate. There is always something to do and to find. Nobody likes a player who stands around and does nothing. By not participating, you are lowering the team’s morale. Even the smallest amount of brainstorming can go a long way in helping your teammates get one step closer to finding the way out.

4. Have fun! The most important part of the game is to enjoy yourself! It’s called an “escape” room for a reason. Transport yourself into the fantasy and give in to the experience.

5. Keep your hands free. Don’t hold all the clues and keys in your hands, because everything in the room is important. You never know where your next clue will be!

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