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Escape rooms, which originated in Asia, have gained mass popularity in the United States and Europe, and many celebrities, including former President Barack Obama, have even joined in on the craze. Here are a few reasons why people love the thrill of escape rooms.

  1. They improve brain function. Not only are escape games exciting, they help you work on your cognitive thinking. Finding your way out of the room is a great way to stimulate your noggin. Escape rooms have been shown to also improve memory.

  2. Laughing with friends. Laughter is good for the soul, and there’s nothing like having a good chuckle with friends or strangers as you try to solve one of the clues in your designated room. Escape games are a great way to socialize and laugh when you’re not at a bar or club.

  3. It’s a break from technology. Being on your phone constantly and always checking in on social media can become habitual. When you participate in live escape games, you have to interact with other people and engage in hands-on activities – what’s more social than that?

  4. Date night. Signing up for an escape room is the perfect way to tell if you are compatible with someone, especially since communication is essential to any great relationship. Combined with a few of your favorite friends, live escape games make for a unique and awesome date night!

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