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The 9-to-5 grind can get a bit routine, and there are days when you might feel like a number in your company’s system. In these situations, team building is a great way to build morale, and contrary to what you might believe, corporate team building activities don’t have to be boring. THINK Escape Games provides inventive, challenging and fun ways for your employees to collaborate and use teamwork. Here are five ways that team building can be a benefit to your company.

  1. Improves productivity: When there is increased morale among employees, they are likely going to be more motivated to do great work for their company. Escape rooms are exciting and fun, and they provide an alternative to ordinary team building activities.

  2. Improves relationships: When you’re in an escape room, you have no choice but to work together to get out in the allotted 60-minutes. As a result, you end up developing real relationships with your coworkers and getting to know them better.

  3. Better communication: In escape rooms, communication is key to making it out on time. Communicating effectively and clearly in the room can be transitioned into the workplace, and this can make day-to-day tasks go more smoothly.

  4. Defining roles within the company: Being in an escape room can help employees figure out where their role lies in their company. Are they good at problem-solving? Are they better at leading? Doers and analyzers both have places within any organization, and people can feel more comfortable applying their skills from the room to the workplace.

  5. Company-wide integration: Every day for two years you’ve seen that guy from logistics, and yet you’ve never said a word to him. Team building in an escape room is a great way to bridge the gap between coworkers who might not usually interact. By bringing people from different departments together in such a close environment, employees have the opportunity to develop relationships with each other. As a result, collaboration in the company will improve.

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