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Cognitive thinking refers to the use of mental skills and activities to perform tasks such as learning, understanding, reasoning, remembering and paying attention. When you play at THINK Escape Games, you’re activating your cognitive thinking by doing each of these things. Here are some of the benefits of escape games on cognitive functions.

  1. Improves short-term memory/working memory capacity: Escape games strengthen and exercise associative memory, which is the way natural intelligence manipulate information for retrieval and storage. Participating in these games can help us associate different memories with each us, therefore helping us remember more thoughts and ideas.

  2. Lateral thinking: When you use lateral thinking, you’re using reasoning that doesn’t always include step-by-step logic. This skill can be improved through playing escape games. Lateral thinking promotes the idea of using real-world resources to break current thinking patterns, and there are plenty of these at THINK Escape Games.

  3. Attention span: When you’re playing the game, you need to keep your focus on the task at hand since you only have 60 minutes to escape. Your attention will improve when you keep your mind on solving each puzzle in the room.

  4. Flexibility in problem solving: Problem solving is part of our everyday personal and professional lives. Being in an escape room forces you to think quickly and logically about the best solution, and this skill can help you in your daily routine as well as your academic performance.

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