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Ways Puzzle-Solving Skills Can Help You Professionally

Puzzle-solving skills certainly help when you’re desperate to escape the clock at THINK Escape Games, but they are also beneficial in the workplace. Here are five skills that are especially valuable both in escape rooms and on the job.

  1. Problem-solving. Problem solving in an escape room is just as important as it is in the workplace. When you have an unpredictable situation, you need to be able to think quickly to find a solution.

  2. Meeting deadlines. Escape rooms traditionally require people to make it through the exit within one hour. If you can master this time slot, it will be easy for you to nail an important project with a hard deadline.

  3. Teamwork. You can’t make it out of an escape room without the help of your teammates. The same goes for any type of work: the sum of the parts is greater than the whole. Asking for help always comes in handy.

  4. Creativity. There is more than one way to find out how to escape, and this applies at your everyday job. Employers crave creative solutions for work assignments, and they will look to you to get the job done in an efficient but not necessarily cookie-cutter way. This could lead to larger and more interesting projects.

  5. Gathering and interpreting data. In an escape room, you can have all the pieces in front of you, but sometimes it’s a little trickier to interpret what they mean. In the workplace, it is important to do your research on a subject and then interpret it well so you can teach others.

Test your puzzle-solving skills at Think Escape Games by booking a session today in one of our three rooms today!

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