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Are you seeking an extraordinary bonding experience for your corporate team? If so, then don’t take them to family restaurants for brunch! Finding unique group activities that bring your team closer can be tricky. You need something that makes everyone feel united, excited, and triumphant.

At Think Escape Games, we understand your quest for the perfect team bonding event, and that’s why hundreds of friend groups have had thrilling adventures at our escape room in Margate. Your team doesn’t deserve basic group activities; contact us now to book a room and show them a real challenge!

The Perfect Escape Rooms For Your Corporate Team

Escape rooms offer a unique and fun way for corporate teams to build their skills and camaraderie. Think Escape Games offers an exciting range of team-building games that are perfect for your next corporate outing; check them out:

  • Mutant X

Upon entering the top-secret military base, visitors are informed of ongoing experiments involving plutonium on various subjects, from lab rats to chimpanzees! The base is currently deserted due to a minor radioactive leak that forced the personnel to evacuate for safety reasons. 

Anyone who reads the message left behind becomes aware that they are also contaminated and could undergo unanticipated transformations. Are you willing to enter?

  • The Study

You’ve been enlisted in an extensive operation to apprehend Chainsaw Bob. Your extensive experience and active participation in similar cases have led the chief investigator to seek your assistance in halting this menace. 

He’s requested a meeting in his office to brief you and present some evidence. You must crack this case before it poses a threat to your own life. Get your team ready!

  • The Dollhouse

Rumors and myths often circulate in small towns, and this one might have a hint of truth. The Wilburg house, once inhabited by an elderly woman haunted by her past, is a source of intrigue. Her children met mysterious ends, and she coped by replacing them with dolls, even taking them out in public. 

The aura surrounding her house is filled with mystery and an unsettling sense of mortality. Take your team and prepare for a thrilling time!

  • Mayan Ruins

Step into the enigmatic world of the Mayan Ruins, a realm steeped in mystery and history. The echoes of the past reverberate through the ancient stone halls, where the prior excavation team inexplicably disappeared, leaving their possessions scattered as if in haste. 

Rumors swirl that they never truly departed these haunting ruins. Your corporate team is tasked with picking up where they left off, delving into the secrets of this lost civilization. Visit us and face this challenge!

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How To Give Your Team A Great Experience

If you’re trying to find an innovative, impactful team-building activity for your corporate group, Think Escape Games is the perfect place! Our escape rooms offer a great way to strengthen problem-solving and collaboration skills; this is how you can get the best experience:

    1. Browse our games and choose your favorite
    2. Check requirements and availability
    3. Book your room and prepare for a great time!
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Live Exciting Group Adventures At The Best Escape Room In Margate

Avoid taking your team to an unfulfilling activity. Instead, challenge them by booking an escape room at Think Escape Games. Our premier escape room in Margate is the ideal place to celebrate the success of true teamwork. Book your visit ASAP and secure your spot!


Our intriguing puzzles and clues will challenge you to work together to solve the mystery and escape the room in time. Book your next adventure today!