Image by The Creativv
Mayan Title.png

Players 2-8

Difficulty 7/10

Enter the Mayan Ruins, the place where lost souls have been dwelling for thousands of years. The previous excavation team has vanished, and left all of their belongings behind like they were in some sort of a hurry. Some say they never really left the ruins…


Your team must finish what has begun, but be very careful, you don’t want to wake Ah Peku!

Shady Tavern Title.png

Players 2-8

Difficulty 7/10

You are hiding out at The Shady Tavern when you get the call. Your cover has been blown. Someone snitched on you.


You’ve lost that game of pool and now you have to pay!


Sharky and his gang are waiting for you right outside the front door. You will need all your life skills and wit to bail out before things turn nasty…

The Study Title.png

Players 3-8

Difficulty 8/10

You have been recruited as part of a massive effort to capture Chainsaw Bob.

Due to your level of involvement and vast experience with similar subjects, the lead detective sought you out to help him stop this monster. He wants you to meet him in his office to debrief and show you some evidence.


You have to solve the case before your own life is on the line!

Mutant X Title.png

Players 2-8

Difficulty 9/10

Welcome to this top secret military base! We have been conducting somewhat successful experiments with a bit of plutonium on subjects ranging from lab rats to chimpanzees.


Our personnel left the facility when we had a minor radio active leak for safety reasons. If you’re reading this, by now you are contaminated as well and on your way to turning into a… well we’re not sure what you’ll turn into but I guess we’ll find out in about an hour.

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