Do’s and Don’ts for a Great Escape Room Experience
July 20, 2023

Do’s and Don’ts for a Great Escape Room Experience

Let’s say you and your friends decide to break into an escape room. You’re excited and ready to go and can hardly contain your anticipation. But then it happens – one of your friends decides it would be funny to run around the room shouting out their solutions. 

Not only is this annoying for everyone involved, but it’s also considered a major etiquette no-no in escape rooms. This blog will discuss the dos and don’ts of escape game room etiquette. Let’s dive right in! 

The Do’s For Escape Room Etiquette 

Escape rooms are a lot of fun, but there’s also an etiquette you should follow. Here are some do’s to remember while participating in an escape room: 

  • Do Work as a Team: Letting each teammate contribute their ideas is essential even if you think you have all the answers.
  • Do come prepared! Ensure you read the rules before entering and have your team all set for the challenge.
  • Do be respectful: Respect the game masters, staff, and other players. Working together as a team will help you complete the puzzles faster.
  • Do think outside the box! The solutions may not always be obvious, and it’s crucial to approach puzzles with a creative mindset.
  • Ask questions if you’re ever stuck — don’t be afraid to seek advice from the game master.
  • Do remember that it’s all good fun! Escape rooms are meant to be a lighthearted and exciting experience, so don’t get too serious about it. Keep your sense of humor, and you’ll have a great time!

The Don’t For Escape Room Etiquette 

When participating in an escape room, being aware of proper etiquette is necessary. To keep the game going smoothly, here are a few don’ts: 

  • Don’t forget to turn off your cell phones and other devices. Not only will they get in the way of puzzles, but no one wants their phone ringing during the middle of a game!
  • Don’t be too competitive with your teammates. Everyone is there to have fun, so don’t spoil the mood by making it a competition. Work together and help each other out instead!
  • Don’t try to break or force open anything in the room. Not only will this not get you anywhere, but it will also be embarrassing and could get you kicked out of the room.
  • Don’t give up! Escape rooms are meant to challenge and test your problem-solving skills, so don’t give up just because things get complicated. Take a break if you need it, but remember that there is always a way out, and don’t let yourself give up before you’ve even tried.

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