Organize Unique and Interactive Corporate Events in Pompano Beach, FL

Hosting a corporate event that keeps everyone engaged can be quite the challenge. But, Think Escape Games in Pompano Beach, Florida can solve your problems. Our team will find activities that will bring your team together and make lasting memories.


At Think Escape Games, we offer a variety of interactive team-building activities that will keep your group entertained for hours. We have been helping many organizations host corporate events for years, and our guests have left with unforgettable memories. We understand how necessary it is to create lasting  team-building activities  for your organization, and we’re here to help.

Team Building Activities You Will Never Forget

Escape rooms in Pompano Beach, FL, are not your average team-building activities. Our escape room experiences and puzzles help teams work together, learn to communicate better to solve puzzles, and have fun at the same time.Guests can expect a unique experience that requires problem-solving and collaboration.

Our three favorite features of our escape rooms for your team are the following:

  • Unexpected Doors

Your team must race against time to solve puzzles and escape as doors open and locks activate unexpectedly.

  • Games That Are Scary And Fun

We offer games with themes ranging from thriller to horror and action. Our puzzles are designed to be both scary and fun at the same time.

  • Escape Games Puzzle Designed To Help Your Team Bond

Each piece of the escape game puzzle has its theme and story that will help your team bond and work toward a common goal. In addition, our game masters are always available to provide help and advice.

After the game is over, the fun doesn’t have to end. Our Think Bar offers a full-service bar, snacks, and plenty of space to hang out and celebrate your team’s success. You can find an extensive selection of beverages for every occasion once your team has completed the game.

Bonding With Your Team Just Got Easier!

Escape rooms in Pompano Beach, FL, are the perfect way to break the ice and learn more about each other. At Think Escape Games, our team-building activities are designed to encourage collaboration, communication, and problem-solving in an enjoyable atmosphere.


To promote team building, please follow these 3 simple steps:

  1. Please fill out our form on our contact page to book a room for your event and let our experts help you plan and organize your team-building event.


  1. Gather your team and arrive at least 15 minutes before your scheduled time.


  1. Have fun by being creative and enhancing your communication skills

Join Us To Experience An Innovative Corporate Event

Corporate events can be challenging to organize. At Think Escape Games, we understand how important it is to create lasting memories and team-building experiences for all organizations. Our escape room experience perfectly energizes everyone after a long work day and promotes team building. 


Enjoy unforgettable team-building activities with our escape rooms in Pompano Beach, FL.  We are here to help ensure your team has the most fulfilling experience possible!


Our intriguing puzzles and clues will challenge you to work together to solve the mystery and escape the room in time. Book your next adventure today!