Unforgettable Birthday Packages at Think Escape Games in Coral Springs, FL

Planning a birthday party for your child can be quite a task. The options seem limited, and let’s be honest, finding something that genuinely excites kids can be tricky. Think Escape Games understands the struggle. We’ve met countless parents in Coral Springs who face the dilemma of creating memorable moments for their kids. 

Step into a birthday celebration where the adrenaline rush is perpetual, the quest for clues is the main event, and every tick of the clock brings a wave of joy. Our escape rooms offer this unique, immersive, and age-friendly experience, turning an ordinary birthday into an extraordinary adventure.


Our Spectacular Birthday Packages

At Think Escape Games, we offer three unique birthday packages, each designed to deliver an immersive and exhilarating escape room event.

The Adventure Package

This package offers a fun-filled journey through our creatively designed escape games in Coral Springs. It’s an exciting way to celebrate your child’s special day, filled with puzzles and clues that will keep them engaged and entertained.

The Mystery Package

For those who love a good mystery, this package delivers a birthday experience like no other. The kids will have a blast solving intriguing puzzles and deciphering clues as they navigate through our themed escape rooms.

The Ultimate Escape Package 

This is the ultimate birthday party experience. It includes exclusive access to our escape games in Coral Springs, a dedicated game master to guide the kids, and much more. It’s a birthday adventure they’ll remember for years to come!

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Planning Your Child’s Birthday Party With Us Is A Breeze!

  1. Choose your preferred birthday package
  2. Book your preferred date and time on our website
  3. Show up for a fantastic escape room event on the big day!

For more details about our birthday packages, visit our Birthday Packages page.

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Ready for an Unforgettable Birthday Party?

If you’re still caught up in the struggle of planning a unique and memorable birthday party for your child, Think Escape Games in Coral Springs, FL, is your solution. 

Not only will our escape room events provide a day full of fun, but they will also nurture essential skills like problem-solving, teamwork, and creativity among the children. So, put an end to your party planning stress today by booking an unforgettable escape room event with us. A thrilling and extraordinary birthday experience awaits your child at Think Escape Games!


Our intriguing puzzles and clues will challenge you to work together to solve the mystery and escape the room in time. Book your next adventure today!